Are you absolutely obsessed with Beautiful Boutique Clothing, Trendy Graphic Tees, and Accessories?

Well, get ready to turn your passion into profit! At Heart + Soul Collective, we've got an incredible opportunity waiting just for you. Imagine earning money simply by referring customers to our website. No hassle with inventory management, no out-of-pocket expenses, and definitely no shipping orders. It's as easy as spreading the word and watching the rewards roll in. Now, isn't that exciting?

But here's the real kicker: by becoming a Boutique Affiliate, you'll be joining our vibrant Heart + Soul Collective family. Picture yourself surrounded by an extraordinary group of women who share your passion for making women feel beautiful while earning an income. We're constantly adding over 600 New Products every month! Yes, you heard it right—there's always something fresh and thrilling for you to market. With such an extensive selection, there's an exciting opportunity for everyone, making your marketing journey a thrilling adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Step into the world of Heart + Soul Collective and let your passion shine through while making money. It's time to turn your dreams into a fashionable reality!!

At Heart + Soul Collective, we're committed to providing an empowering and transparent opportunity. Join us and experience a refreshing approach to earning, without the headaches. Together, we'll pave the way to success, without the baggage of outdated systems.

  • Cost to Join: FREE

  • Commission: 15 - 25%

    Unlock Your Potential with 4 Affiliate Levels!

    Experience the thrill of advancement as you soar through our affiliate program's four levels, all based on your retail sales volume. As you achieve greater sales, you'll unlock higher commissions + enjoy exciting perks along the way. It's an opportunity to chart your own course towards success!

  • Store Credit Option: 30 - 40% (see details below)

  • Referral (Sub-Affiliate) Commission: Potential to earn 5% commission on people you refer to our program
    (see complete details below).

  • Required Quota to Maintain Active Status: $50 in Retail Sales Every Quarter (every 3 months) YES! That's it! See how easy we make it! We also have a one time quota waiver, if it's just been a hard time for you. And if ever need to put your account on hold due to personal or medical reasons, we allow that as well.

  • Monthly Fees: $0
    You get a FREE Custom Website Link & Affiliate Dashboard where you can keep track of your commissions earned. Plus access to our private facebook communities for affiliates.

Store Credit Option:
You'll have the opportunity each month you qualify for a payout to convert your commission over to 30 - 40% store credit depending on what level you are at.

This is a great way to purchase product for yourself, to resell, to give as gifts, or giveaways.

Referral (Sub-Affiliate) Commission:

Multiply your earning potential by referring others to our program and unlocking the opportunity to earn 5% on all your immediate sub-affiliate's sales. It's an exciting way to add some extra cash to your journey with us!

*Requirement: Achieve a minimum of $50 in personal retail sales per month to qualify for sub-affiliate payout.

Important Note: We want to emphasize that we are not an MLM company. Unlike MLMs, we do not pay out on team sales or multiple levels down. Our focus is solely on rewarding you with a bonus when you refer someone directly under you (1 level down) who generates sales for us. For a comprehensive overview of how we distinguish ourselves from MLM companies, please refer to the detailed information below.

Monthly Payouts:
Commission payments are on the 10th of every month following the closing of the previous month, if you have earned at least $25.00 in commissions. If you have not earned at least $25.00, commission will be rolled over to the following month until you have reached the $25.00. Commission is paid out via Paypal or Store Credit.

Embrace the Fun and Unlock Exciting Prize Opportunities
Hold onto your hats because we're all about the excitement! Join our affiliate's exclusive Facebook group where we kick things up a notch with thrilling challenges and incredible incentives. As an affiliate, you'll have a blast and get the chance to win FREE gift cards, jaw-dropping prizes, and other super cool stuff! Get in on the fun and let the good times roll!

What Makes Us Stand Out - Our Exciting and User-Friendly Boutique Affiliate Program
If you've dipped your toes into the direct sales/MLM world, you might be wondering how we're shaking things up and bringing the fun back!

Hold onto your hats as we spill the tea...

Guess what? We've been in your shoes before, navigating the wild world of direct sales and MLM. We totally get the struggles and challenges that come with it. Let's face it: most MLM companies thrive on building massive teams and recruiting tons of people below you. It's all about the top 1-3% reaping the rewards, while the rest of us are left scratching our heads and struggling to make sales or maintain ranks. Who needs that stress? Plus, it's not cool to go broke chasing those MLM dreams!

Here's the scoop: we're not fans of the traditional MLM concept either. That's why we've cooked up a seriously fun and simpler affiliate program that lets you spread the love for our products and get paid for every sale you send our way. We're not about "selling" ranks or forcing you to stock up on more product than you need. Nope, none of that here! Once you hit a level based on your own sales hustle, you're locked in (unless you're ready to level up!). No more worrying about selling your soul or emptying your bank account just to maintain your status. We've banished those worries for good! Oh, and forget about those sneaky monthly or yearly website fees. We're all about helping you succeed without draining your wallet.

Now, here's the twist: yes, you have the potential to earn some extra cash by referring others to join our affiliate program (those lucky ones who sign up under you). But here's the best part: our focus is always on the sales you bring in, not on building a massive downline. No complicated multi-level or team quotas to stress about. Whether you're a brand-new recruit with no one below you or a seasoned affiliate with a team of 100, your advancement and success is based on your own sales efforts. We call it a level playing field, and we want every single one of you to rock it and achieve your dreams.

Let's be real, folks. MLM companies can look like a fabulous fiesta from afar, but once you zoom in on their compensation plans, things start to look less sparkly. They make you hustle endlessly, recruit non-stop, and jump through hoops to hit those team quotas. Newsflash: most people in MLM barely make a dime or, worse yet, end up spending more than they earn. Yikes!

But fear not, because we refuse to let that happen in our neck of the woods. We're all about putting the "fun" back in "funds" and ensuring none of our affiliates go broke on their quest for success.

Ready to unleash your inner boss? It's time to take control of your own destiny. Market our incredible products as much or as little as your heart desires, and get rewarded for every sale you bring in.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us and let's turn this into the most exciting and fun sales adventure of your life!


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See, we told you it was an awesome opportunity! If you think so too, we'd love to have you join us!