Do you love Beautiful Boutique Clothing + Trendy Graphic Tees + Jewelry, and Accessories?! Why not make money promoting something you love?! Here at Heart + Soul Collective, we offer an awesome opportunity, that allows you to earn money by referring customers to our website! When a customer makes a purchase, you earn a % of that sale! No inventory to keep, no out of pocket expense, no shipping of orders. Simply refer them to our website, and when someone makes a purchase, you enjoy the rewards! Read on to learn more about how you can become a Boutique Affiliate today!

Just a simple, easy-to-follow Affiliate Program, that rewards YOU for sales you refer to our website!

  • Cost to Join: FREE

  • Commission: 15 - 25%

    We offer 4 different affiliate levels based on retail sales volume. The more you sell, the higher your commission + perks.

  • Store Credit Option: 30 - 40% (see details below)

  • Referral (Sub-Affiliate) Commission: Potential to earn 5% commission on people you refer to our program
    (see complete details below).

  • Required Quota to Maintain Active Status: $50 in Retail Sales Every Quarter (every 3 months) YES! That's it! See how easy we make it! We also have a one time quota waiver, if it's just been a hard time for you. And if ever need to put your account on hold due to personal or medical reasons, we allow that as well.

  • Monthly Fees: $0
    You get a FREE Custom Website Link & Back Office where you can keep track of your commissions earned. Plus access to our private facebook community for affiliates.

Store Credit Option:
You'll have the opportunity each month you qualify for a payout to convert your commission over to 30 - 40% store credit depending on what level you are at.

This is a great way to purchase product for yourself, to give as gifts, or giveaways.

Referral (Sub-Affiliate) Commission:

Refer others to our program and have the *potential to earn 5% on all your immediate sub-affiliate's sales.

*Requirement: Must be a Level 3+ affiliate and have at least $50 in personal retail sales per month to qualify for sub-affiliate payout.

Please Note: We are NOT an MLM company, so we do not pay out on team sales, or multi-levels down. We simply give you a bonus when you have reached Level 3 and if you refer someone directly under you that sends us sales (see full details below of how we are different than an MLM company).

Monthly Payouts:
Commission payments are on the 10th of every month following the closing of the previous month, if you have earned at least $25.00 in commissions. If you have not earned at least $25.00, commission will be rolled over to the following month until you have reached the $25.00. Commission is paid out via Paypal or Store Credit.

FREE Product, Swag, & Other Cool Stuff
We also believe in having FUN! We host challenges & incentives in our affiliate's private facebook group, where affiliates can WIN FREE product, swag, & other cool stuff!

How We Are Different - Our Easy to Maintain Affiliate Program
If you've been a sales rep for a direct sales/mlm company, you may be wondering how we are different.

Let us explain....

We too have been sales reps in the direct sales/mlm industry before! We know the struggles that can be associated with it. We know that most mlm type companies entire success depends on their reps building a large team, and signing up large amounts of people below them. Most are made to reward the Top 1-3% of the company, while everyone else struggles to maintain sales/ranks each month. Many going broke themselves doing it!

We actually dislike the MLM concept, and instead wanted to offer a simpler affiliate program that allows others to share our products and get paid for any sales they send our way. We don't "sell" ranks here, or force you to order more than you want or need. Once you reach a level based on your own sales efforts, you are at that level forever (or until you move to the next level). So there's never any stresses that you have to sell or even worse, order a ton of product yourself to keep your level, or constantly be on your downline to reach/maintain ranks. We take that pressure away. We also don't charge a monthly or yearly website fee like many mlm companies do. We want EVERYONE to succeed here without stressing out, or going broke trying to pay website fees, maintain ranks and quotas!

YES you do have the potential to earn some money on those you refer to our affiliate program (those you signup right below you), but the focus is always on the sales that you bring to us, and never on signing up mass amounts of people below you. That's why we don't pay out multiple downline levels, and we don't have any "team" quotas, or leadership ranks either. Whether you signup today and have no one below you, or have been an affiliate from the start and have 100 people below you, your commission is always based on your own sales/marketing efforts. It's what we call a level playing field. We want everyone to be able to be as successful as they chose.

MLM companies can look awesome from a distance, BUT if you really look closely at most compensation plans, you'll notice they aren't as good as they appear. It requires people to constantly sign up people below them, and constantly get on those people to sell, sell, sell. You have to reach those team quotas to make that money. It is well known and documented that the majority of people in MLM make little to NO money or actually spend more than they make.

We do NOT want this for our company. We do NOT want any of our affiliates going broke trying to make money.

YOU are in control over your own success. Market as little OR as much as you want, and get rewarded for any sales you send our way! It is a simple, easy to maintain Affiliate Program!


For a list of FAQ's, click here

See, we told you it was an awesome opportunity! If you think so too, we'd love to have you join us!